PC/Laptop Upgrades &
Custom PC Builds

Pricing varies

We can offer multiple different upgrades based on your computer performance needs. If an upgrade is not worth it for your computer, we will tell you. We can also build you a customized PC from scratch!

We will help you strike a balance between your work needs and your computer’s capabilities. If your computer is older, that does not always mean we can’t breathe new life into it! Or if, it really is not worth putting any upgrades in to, we can look at building a customized computer to fit your needs, whether that means a capable workhorse or a customized, powerful gaming PC.


The most typical upgrades for laptops and desktops/PCs are:

  • Upgrade the amount of RAM (memory) to enable the computer to handle more programs/files open at once
  • Upgrade Storage to a Solid State Drive, giving a massive speed increase to start up time for the computer and programs installed on the SSD
Desktop/PC only upgrades:
  • A graphics card upgrade for those with desktop PC looking for gaming performance improvement (May also require power supply upgrade)
  • CPU upgrade — if your CPU (or processor) is the weakest link in your PC, we can assess and see if an upgrade is right for you
Custom Build PCs:
  • Consultation is free
  • We will work together to weigh your needs and your price-range and find build a machine just right for you!
We will always tell you if the problem falls under a different service category and inform you of the price to make sure you want to proceed with upgrades or perform separate services, or both
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