Fresh Operating System Install or Data Recovery

Starts at $80 based on services

Whether you just want a completely fresh start with your computer as if it were new, or if there is data on a non-functioning computer that you need to recover data from we can help. We can also start your computer like it was fresh from the factory and back up your documents and files.

If you want a fresh start with a system, need data recovered from an old device or a similar service, we are here to help.


  • $80 – Fresh Install: Completely wipe the computer clean and install the OS (usually Windows) to start as if the computer was just like it was off the shelf
  • $100 – Recover Data: We’ll do everything we can to recover the data from a device or computer that was lost/deleted or perhaps unreachable because the computer will no longer turn on. If we can’t get it back, there is no charge.
  • $120 – Fresh Install with backed-up files: We’ll do a fresh re-install of your operating system but first back up all of the files Documents/Pictures/Music/etc. folders and put them back where they belong after the computer is reset with the fresh install.
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