Diagnostic and Repair
(Desktop Or Laptop)

$70 (Pick-up, service, and Delivery Flat Rate) + Parts if necessary

We will diagnose your device and repair it at a flat rate of $70. Includes a comprehensive tune-up of your device to minimize unnecessary programs and optimize processing speed. If parts are needed for the repair, they will be added to the repair fee.

Parts are not always necessary to fix problems that fall under this service category, but for example, it may be necessary to purchase a new power supply for a computer that doesn’t turn on.


This service is appropriate for a number of different problems, including but not limited to:

  • Your operating system (such as Windows) not starting properly
  • A slow, cluttered computer
  • A software program not working anymore and you’re not sure why
  • The computer powers on, but just beeps at you
  • You’re just not exactly sure what is wrong or why something is happening
We will always tell you if the problem falls under a different service category and inform you of the price to make sure you want to proceed with the repair
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